Thursday, December 23, 2010



I'm celebrating the holidays with a Feng Shui binge. As Feng Shui goes, my place, including my studio and every closet, has deteriorated to a condition I like to call Feng Shit. If clutter drags on your energy, soon I will be found prostrate on the floor,choking on dust bunnies and cat hair. I offer proof:

Storage Closet of Shame

Work Surface of Horror

Discovery of the day: This does not help one function creatively.

 Oh sure, you can push the clutter aside and bead. On the days when you can find your pattern notebook and a pen, you can still jot ideas down. But sit and work? In the studio?

There comes a time (in my life, anyway) when such unbridled slovenliness stops saving you time (as in, I'd rather bead than clean) and starts to eat your time in large, week-long chunks. For a while I manage by transporting my work to the relative cleanliness of the living room because there is no way I can think, let alone work in the rat's nest that is my studio. Eventually, however, the debris begins to take over the living room. I'm running out of rooms. Next it will be beading in the bath tub.

Enough! I will have surfaces. I will find my brown mesh sweater, my glue gun and extra needles.

Of course, I will have to disturb Cat to accomplish this. Currently, he's in his "apartment," a large back closet where once I had neatly stored suitcases and a stack of extra bedding on the floor. He has a nest in there and he's been renovating. A once-folded quilt is oozing out onto the studio floor...a soft suitcase has tumbled down and is sprawling like a victim of crime. Miscellaneous items of clothing have dropped from their hangers - and all this is clearly visible in the doorway. I cannot shut the door of course, because I'm never sure if he's in there - or might like to be in there. So the door is open and what presents as the apparent nest of raccoons or pack rats is in full view.

Welcome to my home. Please come in. Shall we sit on the balcony?

Nope! No more. I raise my fist, Scarlett O'Hara style, and declare I will never be cluttered again!

The moratorium on beading is now in effect. Not one needle will be threaded until I have restored order.

Wish me luck. I'm going in.


NEDbeads said...

I wish you luck! And speed - so that the threading of needles may once again be on the horizon!!!!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I feel your pain! My studio is so bad you can barely walk in it and my mother SCOLDED me, her 37 year old daughter, for the state of my studio. Pathetic. haha! It is getting an overhaul over the next week or so and then staying that way!

Mikki said...

I always seem to be half tidy and half messy...I put it down to both sides of my brain being equal, neither side ever seems to be able to completely win.

LLJones said...

The weird thing is that usually I'm compulsively organized and pretty tidy. How sloth crept into my personality, I have NO idea!

Cherry Chick said...

Power on Linda! No more blogging until it is all organized, too. ;-)

Suzjohnson said...

Linda, this plain old made me laugh out loud!! I so identify. Happy New Year and I hope you are back to threading needles soon. ;-)

Sandy Pudoff said...

I feel your pain! I am anal retentive about my workspace and my creativity just won't flow if my space is a sty! Good thing I also have a slight fetish for snazzy storage solutions:) Crank up some tunes, tie your hair back and just get busy. Maybe you can promise yourself a little something if you finish tidying in good time.

RitaJC said...

Hey! Are you still in there? :)